Snow days yes! Fallin of the wagon no!

Today and Tomorrow are snow days. Last night an artic blast came in and also a thunder storm. We woke up and bam! Snow covered and iced ground. Stuck inside all day except to go slide down he hill and walk around in the snow. For breakfast I had Quaker hearty oatmeal with banana, a bowl of fruit and lik 4 or 5 big home-ade pancakes some with banana, or blueberries, or strawberries. Lunch was a home-are pizza on a whole wheat tortilla with marinara, mozzarella, cheddar, tomato, onion, and fake chic’n. With yogurt ranch on the side. Fage yogurt with bberries and fiber cereal. Dessert was Ben and jerry’s fish food and mini crueler donuts.
Past two weeks have been oh so terrible with my food choices I need some motivation to get better. Also I’m in a workout rut too. I have so many ideas and workouts of my own but I have tired of them.

Does anyone have any advice or commets or links to motivation and new workouts. I’m lookin for major core and abs, legs and glutes. Lower back too most likely.


Elliptical story time

I was on the elliptical and my friend I haunt seen in a while shows up and I said boy do I have a story to tell you. So as we elipticaled for 20 minutes it was story time. Then I did 10 minute speed intervals on the treadmil and hen my friend and I did a 20 minute strength workout video. The instructors name was mister calhan. Lol
I officially got accepted to Texas Tech today!

What is a speed workout you do?

Help please

I would love advice and suggestions for your favorite workouts and exercises to tone up, strengthen, and cardio. Also your favorite healthy foods, snacks, recipes, etc.

Hello out there

im a new blogger but not a new blog reader!!! I love fitness Healthy and food blogs. To find out more about me read my about me section or just ask! 🙂 I hope to be succesful and come to know all the blogs I love. I want to stay fit and healthy and get help from my wise blogger friends along the way! Compliments and constructive criticism are welcome. Along with advice and wonderful conversation. Hope to talk and journey with y’all soon